City Gate Showflat

The City Gate showflat shows the model, the 2 bedroom dual key & 3 bedroom dual key unit types.

All units come with furniture deck. Increases useable space so that the 1 bedroom unit is equivalent to a 1 + Study, the 2 bedroom unit is equivalent to 2 + Study, and so on.

To arrange an advance showflat viewing before the VIP Preview launch, please contact or email us. See below for contact form. Also see City Gate condo showflat photos here.

City Gate Showflat | CityGate ShowflatCityGate Mixed Commercial + Residential Development @ Beach Road Singapore


City Gate Showflat :: Highlights


  1. High quality finishes with branded fittings.
  2. Natural marble flooring with matching skirting for living / dining areas / kitchen.
  3. Solid timber flooring with timber skirting for bedrooms.
  4. Wardrobes are provided to all bedrooms, and kitchen cabinets to all kitchens.
  5. Premium-brand fittings and wares and kitchen appliances.
  6. Dual key unit with cooker hood & hob, oven with microwave, fridge (mini fridge for Studio unit), washer cum dryer, built in sink & mixer.


  1. 1 set of furniture deck for 1 and 2 Bedroom units, 2 sets for 2DK and 3DK.
  2. 3.31m ceiling height for all furniture deck rooms, 5.0m height for #23-06 and #23-07.
  3. Impressive 250m wide frontage with high visibility for commercial levels.
  4. 3m clear ceiling height with glass façade allows commercial unit owners / tenants to showcase and maximise visuals for their merchandise and shop concepts.
  5. Existing overhead link bridge over Beach Road linking from Nicoll Highway MRT station, will be integrated to Level 2 of the new City Gate building. Provides direct all-weather link to the MRT station.


City Gate Showflat Photos :: Click to Enlarge
City Gate Showflat 2DK 1BR Bedroom with Furniture Deck

2DK 1BR Bedroom

CityGate Showflat 2DK 1BR Living Room

2DK 1BR Living Room

City Gate Condo Showflat 2DK 1BR Kitchenette

2DK 1BR Kitchenette

CityGate Condo Showflat 2DK 1BR Bathroom

2DK 1BR Bathroom

City Gate Showflat 2DK Studio Entrance

2DK Studio Entrance

CityGate Showflat 2DK Studio Living Room & Furniture Deck

2DK Studio Furniture Deck

City Gate Condo Showflat 2DK Studio Living Room & Kitchenette

2DK Studio Living

CityGate Condo Showflat 2DK Studio Bathroom

2DK Studio Bathroom

City Gate Showflat 3DK 2BR Entrance

3DK 2BR Entrance

CityGate Showflat 3DK 2BR Living Room

3DK 2BR Living

City Gate Condo Showflat 3DK 2BR Living Room & Kitchenette

3DK 2BR Kitchenette

City Gate Singapore Showflat 3DK 2BR Common Bedroom with Furniture Deck

3DB 2BR Bedroom Deck

CityGate Singapore Showflat 3DK 2BR Common Bedroom Steps to Furniture Deck

3DK 2BR Deck Steps

City Gate Keypoint Showflat 3DK Studio with Furniture Deck

3DK 2BR Studio Living

City Gate Showflat 3DK Studio Bathroom

3DK 2BR Studio Bath


City Gate Showflat :: Sky ParkCity Gate Showflat Model :: Commercial at Podium + Residential Tower with 24th Floor Sky Park


Please see the fact sheet or prices for other details on this project.


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